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Tools and libraries


Not my favorite library, but when I started, the propaganda sounded great. Unfortunatelly the reality was poor, so I reduced the use of the framework parts whenever I have time to reorganization.
I'm an old guy and some tools became a habit, so I stil use them, even if there might exist somewhat cooler tools or the tool is outdated ...
one of those tools is commons-logging for sure, but I love the ease of use and I continue using it.
Other libraries from the commons-pool, I use
  • commons-dbcp
  • commons-lang (is only an indirect dependency)
  • commons-pool
The best java library I ever got in touch with! No doubt, those lists are incredibly fast, but beside that, the usage is as desired. I can'r imaging developing a real java app without glazedlists.
What's Glazedlists for lists, is JGoodies for the GUI. The only I had to exchange where the factories of the GUI elments. I don't like factories with public static access - they blight any application design. Beside that, I like JGoodies that much, that I choose it as a basis for my Persistenzlayer.
I use JGoodies binding, forms, validation and looks.


The most important tool to me is perl! Even if it is not part of the java-world and others might sneer about me. From my point of view, perl is as attractive as a natural language and so you might stumble on a perlscript being part of the build system