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build SRJRCFrames from sources


I'll use the repository as a backup on long term development jobs, which means, you can't expect, that the repository contains a stable release. It rarely will - and it is not asured, that the repository will compile without errors.

... so if I couldn't scare you ...


  • a subversion-client, as the repository is a svn-repository
  • a current, real (1.6.x) JDK, i.e. gjc is known to definitely NOT to work
  • you'll need ant (>= 1.6.5) to build SRJRCFrames
  • a mysql-database, if compiling the framework won't suffice.


  • Check out the freshest sources with
    svn co srjrcframes 
  • the build scripts are named srbuild.xml to not collide with eclipse or netbeans
  • Change into the directory srjrcframes and
    ant -f srbuild.xml [target]
    whereas target is one of
    • clean
    • build
    • apidoc
    • dist